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Thats sad to hear Chris. I hope you change your mind.
You're just saying hi. xD
No you're not luc xD
Guess whos backkkk :sick:
I agree with chrisblue3, I agree
You do not have access to shout

Taking requests

[Owner] bradaz79 a posted Oct 17, 14
keep it on 1.7?
update to 1.8? no plugins :/
or a mod pack? im liking Hermitcraft Modsauce from the Atlauncher
rushu22 Will we get our ranks back?
Jacobcool872 IT was better vanilla I am sorry!
Jacobcool872 I cant get it ;( now I CANT PLAY TWIM THIS SUCKS
Note: Use version 1.7.4 

Server ip:

Run by: boomario, Techman749, with support from Krathen78

All Twimster are welcome as well as all new players.

It's a greylist server you will need to register at:

Do the whitelist signup! (or you won't be able to build)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

- Krathen78

rushu22 Do we get our ranks back?
D2ragon1988 Did you guy's just update just now, cuz I can't get on. "Server out of Date"
D2ragon1988 Hi guys, long time. Haven't been able to get onto the TWIM Main Server, so explains my absence. I signed up on the whit ...

TWIM is down.

[ADMIN] Krathen78 a posted May 21, 14
I wish I had better news. But unfortunately, I am unable to get TWIM up and going again. I have not heard from Brad at all for quite a while. And I do not have any way of knowing what is going on there. :( 

So, at this time. TWIM is D.O.A. 

If this changes, it will be posted here.

Papayaman1000 I may have been banned for "Hacking" (placing wooden blocks and ladders quickly to ascend [OH SORRY BRAD I MEA ...
cmack102 ): I hope everything's alright with Brad. Who knows, the server could be back, I still have hope ^-^
xXcod_mw3 Man that really sucks! I really hope TWIM comes back! ...
As you all know TWIM has basically been down 24/7 for the past few months. Brad was in the process of changing to a new provider to keep this from happening but ended up having some medical issues. He is doing fine but decided to hand things over to Krathen to finish and he is currently working on completing the transfer. I don't know anymore about Brad then I have told you here.

The good news is the admins are hard at work trying to get the server back up and running. That bad news is we can't currently give a time frame on when it will be back. You guys have been great through all this and when Brad comes back Im sure all the support will mean the world to him.

Thank you,

Coglistro Great to here that there is a plan forward. Brad if you read this I hope everything swimmingly. Kart hen if you read thi ...
Well, if you haven't noticed yet. TWIM has been updated to 1.7.2. And if you haven't heard it's the update that "changed the world" and boy did it. So, there is a new map for the new terrain generation, trees, etc. 

Tips for NEW Players:

CLAIM the area you build your house on.... otherwise you probably will get griefed unless you have incredible, amazing, godlike luck. 
Q: How do I claim? 
A: Place a chest. Directions pop up in chat. 

Q: How do I expand my claim? 
A: Make a golden shovel and directions popup in chat.

Q: How do I make another claim?
A: Hold a golden shovel and right click on the ground in one corner and then right click on the opposing corner of your claim.

Q: Can someone else build in my claim?
A: Yes type /trust <playername> This will give the other player complete access to your claim. So you better either know or really trust the guy/girl.

Q: How do I get more available blocks to claim?
A: Keep playing. As you play, your available blocks increase. So, don't panic when you can only claim your little area at first. You will get more. :) 

There is also LWC.
It allows you to lock chests, door, trapdoors, etc. If you want to lock something type /lock and directions pop up in chat.

Hope this helps!

The ONE, The ONLY,


[MOD] GNome013 a It may have changed with the old map deleted but your claims from that one are saved so laying down a chest wont give yo ...
Papayaman1000 We should have a kit. Try /kit Protect so we can build without worrying about being griefed. ~The Dark Star himself, Pa ...
Papayaman1000 I live in a Mesa. It is not far from spawn just go straight and to the right a bit.
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